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CF CGI speaking

December 8 – 10, Caitlin Fisher, Co-Founder & Director of the GUERREIRASPROJECT, spoke on the Sport for Development panel at Clinton Global Initiative Latin America 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.


9-11 September 2013

The GUERREIRASPROJECT was nominated as a finalist for ‘Best New Project’ at the 2013 Beyond Sport Awards for its ‘Mudando Cabeças, Corpos e Campos’ campaign in Rio de Janeiro and participated in the Beyond Sport Summit September 9-11 in Philadelphia.



8-11 July 2013

World Justice Forum IV, The Hague, Netherlands

On July 9th, Caitlin Fisher represented the GUERREIRASPROJECT at the World Justice Forum in The Hague, Netherlands where she spoke on the following panel:

Sport and the Rule of Law: Level Playing Fields

Global headlines are dominated by sporting events. Every day, sport plays an integral role in the lives of people across the world, factoring into social and cultural identity, as well as stimulating the domestic and international economy. With the recent XXX Olympic Games came the opportunity to examine sport’s unique ability to bring people together, as well as to foster debate on key rule of law issues such as corruption, environmental law, order and security, drug use, gender equality, antitrust, land rights, labor law, monopolies, and many other topics. Panelists will examine the relationship between national and international governance and sport, seeking to analyze best practices and unique innovations in which sport can be both an advocate for the rule of law, and an example of the systemic good that results from adherence to the law. With an ability to captivate the attention of societies across borders and oceans, sport occupies a global spotlight as well as global responsibility to the rule of law.


  • William H. Neukom, Founder, President & CEO, The World Justice Project (USA) (Moderator)
  • Angela Ciccolo, Chief Legal Counsel, Special Olympics International (USA)
  • Moya Dodd, Partner, Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers; Vice President, The Asian Football Confederation (Australia)
  • Caitlin Fisher, Co-Founder & Team Leader, Guerreiras Project (Brazil)
  • Mondli Makhanya, Former Editor in Chief, Avusa Media (South Africa)


3-4 julho 2013

Seminário debate políticas públicas de esporte e lazer para mulheres, Brasilia

Embaixadora do GUERREIRASPROJECT, Carla ‘India’ Oliveira vai participar no seminário “Mulheres, Esporte e Lazer e Políticas Públicas em Brasilia nos dias 3-4 de julho.

‘O encontro, que contará com a presença da ministra Eleonora Menicucci (SPM) e do ministro Aldo Rebelo (Esporte) na

solenidade de abertura, acontecerá nos dias 3 e 4 de julho, em Brasília (DF).

De acordo com a coordenadora-geral de Esportes da SPM Beatriz Gregory, em 2012 foram introduzidas diversas linhas de ação ligadas ao esporte e ao lazer no Plano Nacional de Políticas Públicas para as Mulheres (PNPM), para a criação de políticas públicas relacionadas ao tema. A ideia do seminário é colocar este debate em prática.

“O esporte e o lazer são vivenciados de formas diferentes para homens e mulheres na nossa sociedade. O mundo do esporte ainda é altamente masculino, tanto em relação a oportunidades e patrocínio para mulheres atletas, quanto à profissionalização das mulheres no esporte. O nosso intuito é discutir meios de quebrar os estereótipos existentes”, explica Beatriz Gregory.’

June 2013


From June 24th-27th, Anna Fiastro, Coordinator of the GUERREIRASPROJECT participated in FIFA’s Football for Hope Forum in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event brought together almost 120 organizations from 33 countries to share their work in the area of sport for development. GUERREIRASPROJECT was excited to be a part of this event, not only to learn about a diverse set of approaches in the field, but also to discuss the nation-wide protests that were occurring outside the forum and its relevance to what we do. Minas Gerais was where Brazil’s first cry of independence was heard and thus an interesting place to experience this latest call for democracy.


24 May 2013

On May 24th, Caitlin Fisher of the GUERREIRASPROJECT gave a presentation at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City to the new group of Fellows for the inaugural 2013 Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship Program on Social Innovation. The Fellowship Program entails a diverse group of 18 leaders from around the world who are committed to integrating social innovation into their work, and interested in addressing the root causes of problems affecting vulnerable populations by transforming the systems we live in – political, economic, legal, educational, environmental, and social. Caitlin spoke about systems change via the gender lens and how the Guerreiras Project is turning these concepts into action.

22 May 2013

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 13.58.57

On May 22nd, the GUERREIRASPROJECT held an event in Brooklyn, NY to bring together friends and fans of the project and share updates from the campaign in Rio de Janeiro. We danced!

May 2013

The GUERREIRASPROJECT received a scholarship to participate at the 2013 Women Deliver Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from May 28-30. Last year the GUERREIRASPROJECT was nominated by Women Deliver amongst the top 50 projects worldwide delivering solutions for women and girls. As a result, we have been awarded a scholarship to participate in the 2013 conference, which is the largest global event of the decade to focus on the health and empowerment of girls and women.


Wednesday 27 June, 9.30am – 10.45am

Feminist Forum, a space to share updates and intelligence on feminist campaigns, projects and related political developments.
Sue Tibballs, CEO of the Women’s Sport & Fitness Foundation (WSFF). WSFF is a charity that exists to create a nation of active women. Working across issues from the lack of media profile and sponsorship for elite women’s sport, to the reasons why so many girls drop out of being active at school, Sue will talk broadly about the work of WSFF, and the opportunities – and threats! – presented by this summer’s Olympic Games.

Joanna Burigo of The GUERREIRASPROJECT. The project uses football as a platform to open spaces for discussion around gender issues. Joanna will talk about how they use narratives of female players in Brazil to get people thinking about the significance of privilege, justice and change.

Emily Esplen of Womankind Worldwide. Emily will present their Women’s Rights Advocacy Toolkit, a resource to support women’s organisations and activists to advocate for change. Compiled with partner organisations in many countries the toolkit provides information and case studies on topics including defining goals and objectives, identifying targets and allies, building support for campaigns within your organisation and measuring success.


June 4th-5th, 2012 – São Paulo, Brazil

The GUERREIRASPROJECT participated at the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society in São Paulo, Brazil on June 4th-5th, 2012. The Forum brought together leaders and rising talents from all over the world to discuss challenges for the country as it continues to make a presence in the global economy. The event marked a great opportunity for building and enhacing Brazilian and international networks, developing cross-sector partnerships and business action, strengthning the influence of women leaders, and promoting diversity in the business world.

4 February, 2012

Joanna Burigo from the GUERREIRASPROJECT participated on a plenary titled ‘Sexism in Popular Culture’ at the 2012 go feminist! conference in London this February.

14:30/ Plenary – Sexism in popular culture
Women are visible within popular culture but are only represented in certain ways. From women in sport and film to trans and working class women, representations within media and popular discourse is limited at best, focusing on their bodies and perpetuating stereotypes rather than looking at realities and achievements.

Pratibha Pramar, Kali Films
Joana Burigo, Guerreiras Project
Kealy Hastick, Platform 51
Paris Lees, Trans Media Watch

November 8th-13th, 2011 – Port of Spain, Trinidad

NEXT STEP Sport for Development Conference, Trinidad & Tobago

The GUERREIRASPROJECT participated at the Next Step 2011 Conference on Sport for Development in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The event brought together leaders from NGOs, governments, and academic institutions to further the steps on our collective global mandate of using sport as a tool to achieve the MDGs. This was a great platform for sharing research, ideas, and tools for program implementation and policy-making. Caitlin Fisher from the GUERREIRASPROJECT presented on the Policy Panel alongside Women Win, the Kenyan National Organization for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation, and the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport. The GUERREIRASPROJECT also carried out a series of Football & Gender Dialogue Workshops in the community in partnership with the Trinidad & Tobago Alliance for Sport & Physical Education (TTASPE) with the Under-17 Trinidad & Tobago women’s national football team, and a local boy’s football club. Clips from the event can be found under the ‘Workshops’ tab.

Friday – 14th October 2011

TALKAOKE, with The People Speak

The People Speak Headquarters, 17-25 Cremer St., London, E2 8HD

The GUERREIRASPROJECT is partnering with The People Speak to bring you Football & Gender Talkaoke. This session will involve a screening of the GUERREIRASPROEJCT multimedia photo-documentary clip of women’s football in Brazil. The clip highlights the ways in which the women’s game is beginning to move from the margins towards the mainstream of Brazilian culture and draws attention to some of the tensions that accompany these shifts. Audio interviews, still imagery and ambient sound are used to capture the voices and stories of these female players. These voices are then used to stimulate a broader discussion around gender norms– both within and beyond football.

The aim of this session is to open up space for challenging narrow gender scripts and questioning deep-seated beliefs. Through the ‘think, see, wonder’ approach, opportunities arise for us to put words to experiences and thoughts that have not necessarily been said out loud, but which often have the potential to resonate with others…and this resonating can lay the groundwork for rethinking empowerment, sustainability, justice and change.

July 11th – July 29th

The Guerreiras Project launched at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany with an exhibit at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin from July 11th-29th.

June 27th- July 3rd

Alongside the FIFA Cup, DISCOVER FOOTBALL will be hosting an International Women’s Football Tournament. Discover Football is part of the German Football Association (DFB)’s new cultural calendar “Spielraum 2011″. The calendar presents artistic and cultural projects connected with women’s football and the women’s world cup. Women’s football teams from around the globe are invited to come together in Berlin to play in a tournament that will take place against a background of film and cultural events – an intercultural exchange experience.  The participants will come from India, Brazil, Afghanistan, Ruanda, Togo, Cameroon, Berlin, Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Discover Football has also collaborated in the production of the documentary film Football Under Cover about the Iranian Women’s National team and the first public women’s football match played in an Iranian stadium since the 1979 revolution.

June 26th – July 17th

The  2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup will kicks off in Berlin where the Canadian women will face Germany.

May 19th– 23rd

The Guerreiras Project went on tour in Germany as part of the GENDER KICKS 2011 – ON TOUR campaign in lead up to the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which kicked off on June 26th. We presented in Mönchengladbach, Hamburg and Berlin. The Gender Kicks Campaign was launched by the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Gunda Werner Institute for Feminism & Gender Democracy, with the assistance of the Cultural Foundation of the German Football Association (DFB).  Gender Kicks ON TOUR 2011 visited 12 cities throughout Germany with representatives from Nigeria, Mexico, Germany and Brazil, offering the opportunity to put gender issues on the public agenda, through culture, sports and politics.

May 16th

We led a Guerreiras workshop at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics.

May 14th– 15th

We presented Guerreiras at the Demystifying Public Engagement Conference (PEGS) at Newcastle University. The initiative’s overall objective is to ‘demystify’ public engagement for researchers and to extend the discussion of public engagement strategies and issues beyond the established tranches of academia. ‘Demystifying Public Engagement’ seeks to bring together people from within and outside of the academy who have an interest in issues surrounding gender and sexuality, and aims to support creative approaches toward existing and new public engagement initiatives and projects, as well as encourage critical discussion of practices and strategies.